Ebola Fears Shut Down CareNow In Texas: Deputy Michael Monnig Awaiting Test Results

By on October 9, 2014

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Ebola fears have closed a CareNow clinic in Frisco, Texas. Michael Monnig, a Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputy, was briefly inside the apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan was staying. Monnig is currently being treated for Ebola-like symptoms and reportedly awaiting test results, which will determine if he has indeed contracted the deadly virus from the Liberian man.

CareNow in Frisco reopened several hours after Deputy Monnig was treated, but is now closed once again. The emergency care center will now reportedly undergo a “deep cleaning.” The second Ebola patient in the United States is currently being treated at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital – the same medical facility which initially sent Thomas Eric Duncan home. Michael Monnig was in the Ivy Apartments for approximately 30 minutes.

Frisco Fire Department Chief Mark Piland stated during a news conference that Deputy Michael Monnig is being treated for Ebla “out of an abundance of caution.” Chief Piland also said that the medical response was appropriate based upon Monnig’s “indirect contact” with the now-deceased Thomas Eric Duncan and the deputy’s physical symptoms.

The Ebola outbreak scare has reportedly caused concern for many Frisco residents.

“I would not go back into CareNow for at least the next three or our days. In my opinion they should have closed it down today,” local resident who works near the Frisco CareNow, Johnny Van Horn, told CBS News.

Lewisville Independent School District issued a letter about the Ebola incident to parents after being informed that Deputy Monnig has a child enrolled in the district.

“No reason to quarantine anyone and there is no reason to close a school,” the notice said.

Frisco paramedics and firefighters underwent decontamination by staffers at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital after responding to the Michael Monnig emergency transportation call. The first responders will remain off-duty for 48 hours. Frisco officials are working with health officials from both Collin and Denton counties, as well as the Texas Department of Emergency Management, in regards to the possible Ebola case.


Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital spokesman Wendell Watsn said, “Right now, there are more questions than answers about this case.”

It is unknown if county health officials Christopher Perkins and Zachary Thompson, who had accompanied Michael Monnig into Thomas Eric Duncan’s apartment, are now being monitored more closely for signs of Ebola. Deputy Monnig was reportedly ordered to accompany the health officials into the apartment to get a quarantine order signed. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the relatives and friends of Duncan’s had allegedly indicated that they would not comply with a voluntary quarantine. Neither the deputy nor the health department staffers were given protective gear to wear into the Ivy Apartments unit.

“Initial reports from the urgent care facility indicated the patient had direct contact with the Dallas ‘patient zero’; however, Frisco firefighters-paramedics now report the patient says he had contact with the apartment and family members related to the Dallas ‘patient zero’ prior to the apartment being decontaminated,” Dana Baird, city of Frisco spokesperson, told the media.

What do you think about Frisco Deputy Michael Monnig possibly contracting Ebola from the Thomas Eric Duncan apartment? Can an Ebola epidemic happen in America?
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